In a world where gym etiquette seems to be a foreign concept to many, I am here to offer you some crucial advice that will undoubtedly transform your gym experience for the better. So put on your headphones, pick up your weights, and get ready to dive into the world of proper gym etiquette. Just know that my advice may fall on deaf ears, but I persist in the hope that someday, someone will heed my words.

Ah, the gym. A place of sweat, effort, and determination. But all too often, it becomes a battleground of rude behavior, inconsiderate actions, and a complete disregard for others. That’s where proper gym etiquette comes into play.

First and foremost, do not hog the equipment. I repeat, DO NOT HOG THE EQUIPMENT. It’s simple: use a machine or equipment, then move on. Don’t just sit there scrolling through your phone or taking a leisurely break. Remember, there are others waiting to use the equipment too. But alas, my words may fall on deaf ears as I witness the same individuals hogging the squat rack day in and day out.

Next, let’s talk about cleanliness. Please, please, PLEASE wipe down your equipment after use. Nobody wants to sit in a puddle of your sweat or deal with your germs. It’s not only respectful to others but essential for maintaining a sanitary gym environment. And yet, I see countless individuals blatantly ignore this simple task, leaving a trail of sweat and bacteria in their wake.

And finally, let’s discuss respect. Respect for fellow gym-goers, respect for gym staff, respect for the space itself. Don’t slam weights, don’t yell across the gym, and don’t interrupt someone in the middle of their set. Show some common courtesy and treat others as you would want to be treated. It’s a simple concept, yet one that seems to elude so many.

So here I stand, a voice crying out in the gym, offering advice that may never be taken. But I persevere in the hope that someone, just one person, will heed my words and make a positive change. Remember, proper gym etiquette doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits everyone around you. Let’s strive to create a gym culture of respect, consideration, and shared success. Or not. Just another day in the gym of unheeded advice.

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