Welcome, fitness warriors, to my world of CrossFit enthusiasm! Today, I have a special treat for you as I dive into a review of a literary classic that resonates with our iron-pumping hearts. Brace yourselves, because we’re about to explore “The Story of the Three Little Pigs” by Brooke, L. Leslie, and discover the unexpected connections it holds with the world of weightlifting, sweat, and triumph!


“The Story of the Three Little Pigs” tells the age-old tale of three piglet siblings who embark on a journey to construct their own homes. The book follows their adventures as they face adversity in the form of a huffing, puffing wolf who threatens to destroy their houses. Each pig relies on their unique approach to building (straw, sticks, and bricks), revealing the consequences of their choices.

Why is this book significant?

Now, you might be wondering, “How does a children’s book relate to CrossFit?” Well, let me tell you – this story represents the essence of our fitness journey. The three little pigs symbolize the various levels we encounter in our path towards greatness. Just as these pigs experience trials and tribulations, we, too, face obstacles in our relentless pursuit of strength and athleticism.

Each little pig represents different aspects of our training methodology. The first pig, constructing a straw house, represents the beginner phase, when we tentatively step into the realm of CrossFit, still unsure of our abilities. The second pig’s house of sticks embodies the intermediate stage, where we begin to solidify our foundation and gain confidence in our abilities. Finally, the third pig’s sturdy brick house symbolizes the advanced level, where we’ve worked relentlessly to attain that unbreakable barrier of strength and skill.

Why should you read it?

Reading “The Story of the Three Little Pigs” is a fantastic way to infuse your training mindset with a sprinkle of whimsy, reminding you of the importance of progress, perseverance, and resilience. In the world of CrossFit, we constantly strive to push ourselves further, hoping to achieve extraordinary feats. This book acts as a gentle reminder that even when faced with adversity, coming out stronger on the other side is always within reach.

So, grab a copy, immerse yourself in this captivating tale, and let it fuel your CrossFit spirit! Let the story of the three little pigs instill in you a sense of determination, motivation, and the innate desire to outperform yourself.

Now, before we wrap up this high-intensity literary journey, I invite you, my fellow CrossFit devotees, to share your experiences in the gym today. Did you break a personal record with a heavy snatch? Conquer that WOD with an unmatched ferocity? Or perhaps you faced a setback that you are eager to overcome? Drop a comment below and let’s celebrate the camaraderie that unites us in our unparalleled love for CrossFit!

Remember, every workout is a chance to build your own sturdy brick house – one lift, one rep, one PR at a time. So, embrace the CrossFit obsession and soar to new heights, my comrades!

Let’s conquer the world, one burpee at a time!

End of blog post.

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