As a new Crossfitter, I’m always looking for inspiration to push through those tough workouts. That’s why I turned to “The Anabasis of Alexander: or, The History of the Wars and Conquests of Alexander the Great” by Nicomedia, Arrian of. I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be a goldmine for anyone looking to channel their inner warrior and conquer the gym.

For those not familiar with the book, “The Anabasis of Alexander” is a detailed account of Alexander the Great’s conquests throughout the known world. From his early years as King of Macedon to his final battle against the Indian king Porus, Arrian captures the essence of Alexander’s brilliance as a military strategist and his unwavering determination to achieve greatness.

So, what does this have to do with Crossfit? At first glance, not much. But as I delved deeper into the book, I realized that there are many parallels between Alexander’s conquests and the daily struggles we face in the gym.

Just like Alexander faced countless challenges on his journey, we too are constantly battling against our own limitations. Whether it’s hitting a new PR or simply finishing a workout, every small victory in the gym is a step towards conquering our own personal goals.

But what I found most inspiring about “The Anabasis of Alexander” is the emphasis on perseverance and discipline. Even when faced with overwhelming odds, Alexander refused to give up, always pushing himself and his army to the limit. In the same way, we must push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion in order to see real results.

Ultimately, “The Anabasis of Alexander” is an important reminder that success is not just about talent, but also about hard work and determination. By reading this book, we can learn from Alexander’s example and apply his principles of courage and discipline to our own daily lives.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a book that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, then “The Anabasis of Alexander” is a must-read. And if you’re a fellow Crossfitter, then I highly recommend it as a powerful tool in your arsenal for achieving greatness in the gym.

I invite you to comment below and share your own experiences and inspirations in the gym. Together, we can conquer our own personal “worlds” and become the athletes we’ve always wanted to be.

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