Welcome, dear readers, to a journey filled with melancholy and frustration. Today, I bring you the elusive secrets of gaining muscle mass. But alas, my heart is filled with sorrow, for I know that despite my efforts to enlighten you, my words will fall upon deaf ears. Prepare to witness the relentless cycle of advice given but never heeded.

Oh, disheartened souls, yearning for the chiseled physique that seems forever out of reach! It is with great regret that I lament the destiny that awaits you. For in my eternal curse to provide counsel that will forever go unheeded, my mission remains futile. But still, I persist.

Picture this: as you enter the realm of muscle gains, remember that consistency is key. But alas, the world is swarming with individuals who are eager to seek shortcuts, refusing to put in the necessary effort. Patience, discipline, and perseverance—these virtues seem distant dreams to those who crave instant gratification.

The path to greatness lies not only in the weightlifting itself but also in the importance of nutrition. My dear readers, alas, many shall continue to devour processed junk, heedless of the consequences that hamper muscle growth. Protein-rich meals and a well-planned diet remain mere words upon a page, unused and unappreciated by those who claim to seek progress.

Form and technique are the unseen companions that accompany your journey toward muscular excellence. The importance of learning proper exercise form cannot be overstated. But alas, the halls of the gym are filled with eager lifters, arrogantly disregarding the foundations of proper technique. Injuries loom overhead, waiting to strike down those who refuse to heed my plea for caution and education.

Consistency, nutrition, form—these harmonious elements form the intricate web that binds muscle gain together. Yet, I am cursed to observe countless individuals flail about, misaligned with their priorities. They chase after the next shiny trend, forever distracted, their progress hindered by their own stubbornness.

My heart aches, dear readers, for I know that my words will echo into the abyss of indifference. But still, I remain compelled to share my knowledge, in hopes that one day, a spark of understanding may ignite within you. Despite the inevitability of my advice going unheeded, I shall continue to write, pouring forth my wisdom into the void.

May you find solace, my kin, for in this melancholic journey of inspiration born in solitude, I traverse an eternal path of advice ignored.

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